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Research and Development

1、 Tailor

During cut arrangement, full consideration should be given to the influence brought by the fabric chromatic difference. The surface color, shading, comparison of guide sample, as well as non-surface chromatic difference comparison, should all be above level 4, which is in accordance with regulations of GB250, and each piece should be uniform; yarn-directions shall conform to standard requirements; after 24 hours loosening and sanforizing of the shell fabric, perform pre-cutting beforehand, and then perform fine cutting according to different requirements of size from each customer after 24 hours of fusing, so as to ensure the stability of shell fabric strain and accuracy of size;
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The Germany MELL seamless drum-type is used for fusing. The inner temperature is controlled around 2 degrees, which effectively ensures the efficacy of fuse and peeling strength; by choosing padding cloth fitting for the shell fabric, the peeling strength could reach 6N/2.5*10; the verticality and horizontality of the dry cleaning size is controlled within 0.8%, so as to avoid transformation, bubbling and delaminating during dry cleaning, and the flatness extent shall be more than level 4.
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3、Sewing and locking

Full import professional assembly line like western-style clothes, trousers and shirts are adopted. Organize production in accordance with state requirements, industrial standards and customers’ needs. Perform strict requirements from stitch length density to sewing technology of various parts and supervise each stage, so as to meet the highest requirement of high-quality clothing requirement no matter in the modeling of tensile strength of each sewing, symmetry, collar, shoulder, sleeve and bust.
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Full advanced Italian MACP sizing and pressing equipment and full advanced Shanghai Weishi sizing and pressing equipment are put into use. These are suit for the sizing model of domestic and foreign body type, and perform final sizing, so as to reach such effectiveness as enriching the bust, making the lining more submissive and stable.
The product profile is aesthetic, neat, flat, crisp, and firm through control of each stage. It has no thrum or severed ends, no flaws, no wrinkles, no ironing or besmirch, with straight lines and perfect symmetry; the external quality meets national requirements and transcends customers' requirements.
(craftsmanship pictures could be combined to help illustrate)

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