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Research and Development

Palette employs around 1500, more than 40% of them graduated from clothing-specialized institutions, including 182 technicians and 56 master technicians with professional qualifications. Most of the technicians and the salesmen have been with Palette for more than 10 years and 70% of them have been in the factory for above 5 years.

Palette has a full set of world-class sewing equipments, and the most advanced Suit Production Line, adopting the Digital Control System during the whole production, all of these equipments are imported from Germany, Italy, USA and Japan etc.

Production Capacity: 
 Annual production of 4,000,000 pcs, including: 1,000,000 sets of high quality suits and 3,000,000 sets of uniforms.

Design and Development:
After more than 10 years’ experience, Palettte has developed 8 basic patterns to meet the style of various areas, with the effort of our fine workmanship and professional design team. International design master has been long-term employed to responsible for tech.,workmanship,development and patern study management. We also strengthened our R&D from absorbing the excellent styles and patterns of our overseas orders. Moreover, the humanized design concept enable the uniform goes to fasion, more comfortable, more aesthetic, trends to a visual arts.  

Tech. and Workmanship: 
Palette hired garment experts from Beijing, Hongkong, Italy to conduct technology transformation,upgrading and production, which improved our tech. and workmanship quality. In the production process, we match fabric with different triming according to the characteristics of the materials (including sewing thread) and the technical requirements perfectly. We also ensured a perfect fit clothes with no transshape through our advanced edge sewing, pressing-shaping and hanging system,

Quality Control:
Palette conducts modern enterprise management system strictly, also executes documented quality procedures and environmental management system, and we are the first clothing enterprises in China that passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. We implement quality assurance system during every procedures through self-check, mutual inspection, semi-finished products inspection and finished product inspection.

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